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Behind the image: November 2014

Sunset on the Sunderban, West Bengal, India. The Sunderban, and extraordinary place of cultural and biological diversity, is one of India's important World Heritage areas.  Its fragile ecosystem supports a range of endangered species, including the Royal Bengal tiger. Apart from being a biodiversity hotspot, it is

Inside the cage looking out: a brief visit to the Indian Sunderbans

The Sunderbans are an amazing place - let's list some of the reasons why, in no particular order: a global biodiversity hotspot a water/landscape that is continually being reshaped through the processes of complex river systems originating in the Himalayas a site of livelihoods for local fishers, honey

Behind the image 30 August 2014

This image was taken on the Jamuna river in Bangladesh. As the sun sets, fishers return home with their catch.  These fishers live on chars, river islands that form by the depositing of silt collected as the river comes down from the Himalayas in Tibet. Whilst

Something so simple

Just before last winter I had the opportunity to travel up to a project I had been involved with in the Indian Himalayas.  Essentially this particular project was focused on watershed protection to ensure access to water for villages.  Partly it was about ensuring some