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Local Slow Travel (LoST) | BRIAN FURZE

I really like slow travel. I like it as both an action (something I do – a way of travelling to and/or within a destination) and an ethic – as something I can do which leaves positive impacts.

For me, slow travel is important to understand as both a concept and an action – the thinking and the doing. The ‘thinking’ bit is really important as our understanding of slow travel, why we do it and what we mean by it, becomes the foundation for our journeys. The ‘doing’ bit is, of course, about how we travel and where we travel – guided by our ‘thinking’ and our understanding.

Local slow travel, or LoST as I call it, is the thinking and the doing which is focused on engaging with the landscapes/waterscapes we travel through, and leaving positive impacts locally. It’s an approach to slow travel which is focused on the places we visit, and how we might enhance both our travels and those places.

Walking, cycling and paddling are the means of moving through these landscapes and engaging with them.  They are all human powered and, importantly, allow us to travel and engage very locally.